Masorti Women’s Study Day

Watch videos from previous Masorti Women’s Days of Study.

English lecture with Rabbi Shira Israel:

Spanish lecture with Tamara Schagas:

Spanish lecture with Miriam Kresh:

Hebrew lecture with Rabbi Diana Villa:

3 thoughts on “Masorti Women’s Study Day”

  1. Awesome to see and be a part of, helping ensure that these Days of Study and the Kehillot thrive and prosper under our watch and generations to follow !!
    Thank you for helping me, and all of us, be a part of all of this in any possible !!

  2. Mara Steinbeg says:

    When’s the next one?

    1. Erica Slutsky says:

      Our most recent Masorti Days of Study just wrapped, but I would contact Diane Friedgut through the Schechter Institutes website here for more information:

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