Nat’ah Karem – She Plants a Vineyard



The theme Nat’ah Karem – She plants a vineyard, shared by Women’s League and Torah Fund, is derived from the Eishet Chayil poem from the last chapter of the book of Proverbs. This oft quoted poem – so much so that many regard it as cliché – is nevertheless a powerful image of a highly accomplished woman, one of industry, creativity, productivity, and foresight. In our material we have sought to recast this biblical model from the stereotypical balabuste of the 19th century kitchen to a woman whose work is beneficial, not just to those immediately in her orbit but to future generations, as well. The planting of vineyards is about the present and the future; it suggests present day productivity as well as legacy.

In keeping with the theme, the programmatic suggestions for this year concentrate on legacy and productivity. The themes surface in the recommended readings in BookMarks (the Women’s League books newsletter) and Women’s League Reads (the on-line book discussion group) and form the core of the movie selections for Wo-Flix. New book and film suggestions will be added over the course of the next 12 months, so please return for additional recommendations.

Throughout the year we will provide a variety of programs, so return to this page often for the latest material. While these materials focus on this year’s theme, they are usable any time, by individual members or in sisterhoods and regions, now or in the future, because the values they represent are timeless and boundless.

Cultural and holiday programming

Personal enrichment/Jewish values

Sisterhood programming