Yom Yarok – Green Day: A Tu B’Shevat Celebration



Torah vs. Nature: Text Study (adults)

Fifteen-Minute Tu B’Shevat Seder (adults and families)

Environmental Beit Din (adults and young adults):

The Sesame and the Date Palm: Storytelling (adults and children)

Advice from a Tree: Poem (adults and young adults)

To My Land: Poem (adults)

Solomon and the Trees: Storytelling (children/families)

Honi the Circle Maker and The Shekediah: Storytelling and craft (children/families)

The Lorax Paperbag Dramatics (children/families)

The Lorax: Storytelling and craft (children/families)

Tree Word Scramble: Activity (children/families)

Games for Tu B’Shevat (children)

Environmental Bracelet: Craft (adults and children)

Recycled Match Container: Craft (adults and children)

A Present for a Tree: A Bird Feeder: Craft (adults and children)

Tu B’Shevat Tree Mural (adults or families)

Pesach “Karpas” Planting: Activity (adults and children)

Recycled Planter: Craft (children and families)

Children’s Match Games

Help the Environment