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Personal Conversations provide a forum to address everyday issues through discussions about obstacles and opportunities, using conference calls and/or easy to access webinars.

#MeToo and the Jews with Rabbi Elana Kanter, Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute – Sunday, December 16, 2018, at 8:00 p.m., Eastern time. Register here.

Join Rabbi Elana Kanter for a very brief text study on Jewish insights into the #MeToo moment. The text study will be followed by a discussion of how sexism continues to impact our lives as Jewish Women, as well as an initiative started by Rabbi Kanter to address it.

Rabbi Elana Kanter, Director of the Women’s Jewish Learning Center, is a graduate of Barnard College and a member of the first class of women rabbis of the Jewish Theological Seminary. She was ordained in 1989. In 1998, Rabbi Kanter received the Covenant Award for Exceptional Jewish Educators for her work in Adult Jewish Learning.

Creating a Caring Community Together (CCCT) with Cecille Allman Asekoff, Director, Joint Chaplaincy Committee at Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest and Director of Global Initiatives for Life’s Door, Israel; Susan Friedman, BSN, RN and Director of Health Care Professional Education, Prince Health, LLC; and Susan Schechter, MSW, LCSW and Director of Older Adult and Disability Services for Jewish Family Service of Metrowest – Thursday, November 1, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Creating a Caring Community Together (CCCT) is an initiative developed by the Joint Chaplaincy Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey to connect community leaders, professionals, and volunteers in an innovative program to improve the quality of life in their community.  Learn more about this program by joining this Women’s League’s Personal Conversation on November 1, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Cecille Allman Asekoff, Director, Joint Chaplaincy Committee at Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest and Director of Global Initiatives for Life’s Door, Israel will lead a panel discussion with Susan Friedman and Susan Schechter about this opportunity to develop a caring initiative in your community.

CCCT partners share education, appropriate resources and best practices, which engage congregation members, professional agencies, and the community in meeting the needs of the elderly and infirm within the community. Since quality of life and well-being are global challenges involving all communities, the Joint Chaplaincy Committee has joined with Life’s Door, an Israeli non-profit organization, which works with the elderly and ill in Israel, to develop an international response to these problems.

CCCT addresses the complex issues of the elderly TOGETHER. As part of this initiative, your community leaders offer synagogues, social service agencies, and community centers a vibrant platform that enables communities to enhance the lives of those who are ill or aging. CCCT provides exposure, training, and ongoing education, and resources for lay leaders, volunteers, and healthcare professionals. CCCT links Diaspora communities, on a non-religious and non-political basis, with change-makers and peers in Israel, fostering a global community of caring.

Learn about this initiative and how to become a host organization by sharing in the CCCT model: 1) To develop or expand community volunteer programs;  2) To train leaders in programming to improve the quality of life for community members facing aging or illness; 3) To support professionals and gain access to innovative programming; and 4) To create a powerful bridge with Israel; 5) To share in the development of tools and technologies to promote wellness and meaning throughout life.

During this one-hour Personal Conversation, you will hear from members of the CCCT team.  The presentation will include a question and answer period and an opportunity to show interest in a Next Steps program, to be sponsored by Women’s League.

Download the flier on Creating a Caring Community Together (CCCT)
Download the CCCT Toolkit
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More Personal Conversations for 2019 will be announced soon. For more information, contact Barb Levin at barbl11@aol.com.