Are the young women in your congregation looking for:

  • Interaction with their peers?
  • Jewish study on their level?
  • Opportunities to help others?
  • Friendship and camaraderie?
  • Support and encouragement?
  • Parenting tips?
  • Leadership skills?
  • Play groups, childcare, help finding the right school?

Z’havah gives younger members of Women’s League sisterhoods a point of focus and connection with the larger organization. It is a mechanism to reach younger, unaffiliated women who are not yet aware of sisterhood.

Women’s League’s resources and contacts are available to help design activities to attract younger women to your sisterhood.

Each region includes Z’havah programming at its conferences and meetings and assists sisterhoods in organizing smaller scale activities directed to the interests of younger women.


The Z’havah Planner and Z’havah Newsletters are available for downloading by members of Women’s League.

Mission – The mission of Z’havah is to promote and develop future leaders by assisting sisterhoods to attract and involve younger women, bringing them together and enabling them to create a variety of activities directed to their interests.

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Women’s League invites you to see how Z’havah can help your sisterhood become the place to be at the second Z’havah Institute

  • Be inspired by the success of Z’havah in sisterhoods across the country
  • Learn and grow with other Z’havah women
  • Bond with other Z’havah women in your area
  • Energize your sisterhood with Z’havah


2013 Z’havah Additional Program Ideas from around the Women’s League network

From Z’havah Young Sisterhood Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA: