Missionary Activity and Religious Cults

Missionary Activity and Religious Cults (1978)

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism recognizes and is deeply concerned with the rise of missionary activity and religious cults throughout our country. Therefore, we urge our Sisterhoods to:

  1. Be alert to this insidious threat to our youth and to the community in general, and to disseminate information and guidance from responsible agencies.
  2. Join with their rabbis, congregations, youth committees and religious schools to develop extensive training programs for Jewish educators and youth group leaders, as well as for Jewish teachers on junior high and high school levels and for members of university faculties. These training programs should include information on missionary techniques, and on Jewish communal resources for individual and family counseling in dealing with missionary related problems.
  3. Support and strengthen Jewish education and observance so that our youth will be provided with such a positive knowledge and understanding of their Jewish identity as to obviate their desire or need to seek commitment elsewhere.
  4. Cooperate with interreligious groups who share these concerns.