December 2015


from Conversation Pieces


My brother, Phil, and I are both very devoted to our mother. Phil is a tax attorney and I am a guidance counselor. My children are grown, but it seems that my workload has increased thanks to my mother’s failing health. I understand that and was anticipating it. Nonetheless I am always taken aback by this ongoing conversation that I have had with my mother dozens of times:

MOM: I need a few things from the drug store. Can you get them on your way home?

ME: I have a meeting after school and then I have reports to write. And we thought we might go out for dinner. Can it wait another day?

MOM: The doctor says I should be using this …. 

ME: Why don’t you ask Phil?

MOM: Oy, Phillie is so busy, and he works so hard. I hate asking him.