October 2015


from Wellness & Learning Network


New year’s resolutions are not necessarily a Jewish tradition, but applying the idea of return to one’s fitness plan, weight program, stress management, or other behaviors is certainly reasonable at this time of year. Understanding why behavioral change involves setbacks and how to overcome them are part of this process. Strategies to overcome setbacks are numerous, and usually involve these remedies:

  1. Recognize that setbacks are part of the process. Accepting one’s fallibility and forgiving oneself are essential to being able to do the same with others. Move on and accept that this problem will occur again.
  2. Reevaluate strategies for change. What is stopping you? What in your environment or schedule needs to be altered? The same set of skills is essential whether the goal is weight loss, smoking cessation, improved social relationships, or studying a new subject.
  3. Seek help from others. Recognizing the advantage of sharing the task and goals with others is vital. Family members can support your efforts; exercise buddies can assure your conscientiousness, and groups establish continuity. Professionals are always available.