September 2015

ELUL 5775 – TISHREI 5776

from Divrei Hokhmah

Our Words * Yom Kippur

The Ashamnu and Al Chet confessional prayers, central to the Yom Kippur liturgy, are followed immediately by prayers in which each individual seeks forgiveness. The Ashamnu is a Hebrew acrostic in which each sin is listed in alphabetical order. The Rabbinical Assembly Machzor Lev Shalem provides an English version that starts at A and ends with Z.

We abuse, we betray, we are cruel, we destroy, we embitter, we falsify, we gossip, we hate, we insult, we jeer, we kill, we lie, we mock, we neglect, we oppress, we pervert, we quarrel, we rebel, we steal, we transgress, we are unkind, we violent, we are wicked, we are extremist, we yearn to do evil, we are zealous for bad causes. (Lev Shalem, Rabbinical Assembly, 2010, pg. 219)