The new Dvar Torah: Divrei Hokhmah

Several years ago, Women’s League introduced a new concept for the study of our sacred texts and traditions. Each Divrei Hokhmah module consists of  units of study that can be directed by anyone, no training, skills or previous knowledge necessary! These modules were designed as a way of introducing each sisterhood meeting or program, with one theme running through the course of a year.

All you need to do is ask one person to be responsible at each meeting to lead the discussion.

2017 Divrei Hochmah

Words That Hurt/Words That Heal

Mishpachah: The Modern Jewish Family

Derekh Eretz: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Hiddur Mitzvah: Enhancing Mitzvot

Pirkei Imahot: The Wisdom of Our Mothers

The Environment

Kol Ishah

Heart and Soul


The Ten Commandments