The All-New Women’s League App


Now you can easily connect to Women’s League anytime and anywhere – right on your smart phone or tablet!

The Women’s League App makes access to Women’s League effortless.

  • Do you need Shabbat candle lighting times? Just tap the app and you can quickly find them for any city in the world
  • Are you looking for some inspiration? Just tap the app and look in the Women’s League Calendar Diary for a new entry every month
  • Do you need to find information about a sisterhood? Just tap the app for a link to all Women’s League affiliated sisterhoods
  • Do you need programming ideas? Are you looking for membership documents? Do you need to order materials? Are you looking for conference information? Do you want to see photos from Women’s League events? Just tap the app and you’ll find it all!
iPhone/iPad – How to get the WLCJ app:
  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon
  3. Type WLCJ in the search box at the top
  4. Click the GET button
  5. Put in your password or thumbprint
  6. After it installs, click OPEN
Android – How to get the WLCJ app:
  1. Go to the apps on your phone
  2. Click on the PLAY STORE
  3. Enter WLCJ in the search box on the top right
  4. In the results: Click on the Women’s League logo
  5. Click the INSTALL button.
  6. After it installs, open the WLCJ app
For all devices: You will need to go to the Member Log in button to use Member Pages and Resources. Be sure to allow push notifications so that we can send you important and timely information.